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Faye Becker Broker / Realtor

I came to Real Estate by a circuitous route. I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, taught economics at Gateway Technical College for many years. After living in Germany with my husband and sons upon returning to the US I simultaneously enrolled in the Real Estate licensing courses and embarked on obtaining a degree in Interior Design. I never had any intention of pursuing a career in Real Estate. (Famous last words.) But little by little I was drawn into Real Estate and found I loved ...

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Danny Stong Carpenter

Hi Everyone. My name is Danny Stong and I can repair/fix or replace general plumbing, electrical, and carpentry on the homes that Becker Stong Real Estate Group sells. I was a certified Home Inspector and I know what needs to be done to sell a home. Our goal is not to put your home on the market, but to sell your home at a good price!

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Courtney Brady Realtor/Staging

Courtney Brady was born and raised in the Racine area and has had a passion for designing and decorating since she was very young. After graduating from college and marrying her husband Travis, they began flipping houses in Indiana and Travis and Courtney quickly became quite the designing/construction duo. Travis quickly grew a strong passion for meticulous handiwork and Courtney‘s eye for design flourished. Courtney and Travis named their LLC Willow construction due to the peace they both feel while sitting und...

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Growing up as the daughter of a small business owner who served clientele throughout the city of Racine, I have a deep connection to the city I have lived in my entire life. I admired my father’s strong commitment to his business. He led with integrity and provided his customers with exceptional attention to detail and personalized service. These values were instilled in me and they continue to be at the forefront of my character today. As my father did with me, my husband and I work hard to instill those values...

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When my husband asked me if I would move to Wisconsin, all I knew was that it seemed very far away and much colder than I preferred. We made a plan to be here for five years. Well, ten years later, I happily call Racine our home and can’t imagine not living here. Our family is a part of a great community full of opportunities and we take every moment to appreciate living near Lake Michigan! On a beautiful day, you will probably find us on the most gorgeous walk along the lake. I want others to have the same experienc...

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Rosa Stong Broker / Manager / Realtor

My construction work began as a teenager working with my father in carpentry. I can spot a good contractor's work. From carpentry, I entered the law field as an Intellectual Property Paralegal for four of the major five top law firms in Milwaukee. After 25 years at the law firms I went back to real estate but instead of just working on legal forms, I had the joy of speaking to Sellers, Buyers, Lenders and Contractors. Today I own the Firm. My Business Partner, Faye Becker, has been in real estate 45 years and has ex...

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Mary Pucci Realtor

My love of community and people brought me to real estate. The inner workings of the industry fascinated me because it is one that requires networking with people. Whether it was when I worked as a mortgage collector right out of college or an employment advisor or social worker years later, I have always understood what it means to be client-focused. Additionally, I spent an extended amount of time at home with my three children. I maximized this time by seizing the opportunity to become deeply involved in the communi...

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I am a customer-service-oriented real estate agent who helps buyers and sellers in Southeastern Wisconsin. If you are looking for an agent with patience, perseverance, and a passion for helping people, you’ve just found her! Originally from Ohio, I moved to Boulder, Colorado to go to college. After 8 years in Colorado and 10 years in Chicago, my family and I moved to Racine in 2016 after the birth of our daughter. My husband was born and raised in Racine, and we wanted to raise our children near our families and f...

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Matt Stong Realtor

Since entering into real estate, I've often heard a common sentiment from other brokers and agents that usually goes something like: "I've worked in this or that profession, and I'm not sure how I got here (to real estate), but that profession serves me well now that I'm a realtor." That about sums it up for my situation; and frankly, it makes sense as to why that is a reality so many realtors have in common. This is because real estate requires you to wear many hats - and to be great in this industry - many of them...

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